Toys R Us Are Matching Smyths Offer!

Toys R Us are offering 20% off at the checkout to match Smyths offer.

This is valid the duration of the Smyths offer which ends on Monday evening and is instore only.

You will need to ask them at the checkout to match Smyths 20% off offer but the lady iv just spoke to at one of Toys R Us stores assured me it was nationwide and the first year they have done this.


Thank you Nicola for informing us this also works with layaway. Layaway is available instore only, you pay 20% of the price today and you pay monthly for up to 24 weeks. You must ask at the checkout if you wish to do layaway.

*EDIT* I have spoke to Toys R Us head office again and they have said that the only stores that are going to be honouring this is the ones that are in close proximity to a Smyths store x

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