Toys R US Price Match Smyths

Toys R Us price match Smyths during the 20% off event

There are some terms and conditions to this though…

Smyths currently have 20% off in stores only right now. The offer is on toys, bikes, scooters etc but it does not include games consoles, multimedia, gift cards etc.

If Toys R Us is closer to you, then you might like to know that Toys R Us will price match Smyths during this event.

They have the same terms and conditions as Smyths, so the price match does not include Games consoles, multimedia, gift cards etc.

Simply mention the price match in the Toys R Us store when you reach the check out for more information. 

Please note, you can not use the layaway service in Toys R Us on Smyths matched products this weekend. 

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