Twitter accounts hacked – are you one of them?

Twitter accounts hacked – are you one of them?

Millions of Twitter account details are up for sale on the dark web.

The login details of millions of Twitter users are apparently up for sale, which has lead to the social media site locking a number of accounts.

Reports began to surface on Thursday 9th June 2016 that a Russian hacker called Tessa88 was asking for 10 Bitcoin (£4,000) on the dark web for a list of 32 million names.

Twitter cross-checked the data with their own records, and accounts they believed to be at risk were locked and the owners contacted to reset their passwords.

The social media site said it was confident that the information had not been obtained by a hack. Instead they believed that the information may have come from hacks on other sites where people have used the same password as they have for their Twitter account, malware on people’s computers and devices, or a combination of the two.

What should you do?

If Twitter believes the security of your account has been compromised then you will have been contacted by email or text telling you to reset your password. The account is then blocked until the owner resets the password.

My advice would be to change your Twitter password anyway but DO NOT use the same password twice for any account.

Please pass this on so others know to change their password too…

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