Two New Additions To Cadburys Heroes Boxes? We’re Here For It

Not all heroes wear capes, some of them wear little wrappers and come in a box full of treats.

Cadburys has announced the addition of TWO new chocolates to its Heroes boxes, which will also be included in the tins.

The box will be updated for the first time in 5 years with additions of Dinky Deckers, a smaller version of the Double Decker that is loved by the nation. It is made with crispy cereal, nougat, and chocolate.

The second addition is Crunchie Bits, a smaller version of Crunchie that is a chocolate-covered honeycomb bar that literally satisfies any sweet tooth!

Cadburys have announced that the two chocolates will be joining the Heroes clan in April and are sure that their chocolate fans will love them.

We’re totally in love with the idea of teenie tiny Crunchies and mini Double Deckers, what are your thoughts?

Image: The Mirror


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