Tyrells Released Raspberry Bellini Flavour Crisps & Here’s Where To Buy Them…

Love crisps just as much as you like a cheeky tipple on a weekend? Tyrell’s latest interesting flavour may be your new favourite!

The famous posh crisp brand have released a new flavour as suitably swanky as their name, but we’re not sure what to think about it.

The hand-cooked crisps now come in, wait for it… raspberry Bellini flavour.

We won’t lie, we do love a good Bellini, but mixed with potato, we’re not quite sure how good these crisps will taste with the prosecco and sweet raspberry fruity coating.

Some might argue that crisps are a well paired snack when sipping alcohol, and that really it’s just the two mixed together to create the same taste.

The brand have dubbed the crisps “their most experimental flavour yet.”

The boozy themed snack is also thought to be pink in colour, which we know will look delightful when posted to Instagram feeds.

The crisps will cost a pricier £2.29 per sharing bag, but that is usual for the posh treat.

If you fancy giving the quirky new crisps a whirl, you’ll be able to find them in Tesco supermarkets from this October.

We are definitely intrigued to try the snack, but we do love our alcohol and crisp mix all the same too! Who knows, maybe it’ll become our go to treat for through the day instead!

(Images: Tyrells/ The Sun)
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