Uber Cabs

Have you heard of Uber cabs?

They are pretty new to the UK but since using them, I don’t think I’ll take a regular cab again!

I have seen lots in the news and on social media about Uber. They are the new way to book cabs and I have noticed a big difference in the price too.

I have now been using Uber for around 4 month and I absolutely love them. I have heard a few bad reviews about them – just like any company you come across but I wouldn’t let it put you off as they’re a fab way to travel and I wouldn’t go back to a regular cab firm now. Read my review and find out how to get £10 off your first journey…
I hadn’t realised they were cheaper than a regular cab but once I heard this, I had to check it out.

A friend of mine sent me a referral link to sign up to Uber which gave her a £10 free credit on her next Uber ride and it also gave me a £10 free credit.

I downloaded the Uber app and filled in my details. You also have to supply your credit card/bank card details as this is how you pay for Uber cabs. It is so much easier than having to remember to head to a cash point for change.

My £10 credit went straight onto my account so I was ready to book my first Uber cab.

You have the option of 3 Uber cab types…

  • UberX – This is your typical every day car
  • EXEC – These are your higher end cars
  • UBERXL – These are your larger cars

You don’t have to know the address you are at because the app pin points your location. 

The app tells you how far away the cab is from you – Every time I have checked the app, there always seems to be a cab within 5 minutes from me so there must be plenty on the road.

You can also get a fare estimate before you book, so there is no nasty surprises at the end of the journey.

Once you book your cab, you can keep an eye on its location on the map – you also get a phone call when the cab arrives.

At the end of your journey, the money is automatically deducted from your account and a receipt sent to you via the app and email.

Because I had the £10 free credit from signing up through a friends link, my taxi fare ended up costing me just £2 instead of £12!  This is a journey I make regulary and if I don’t have time to use public transport I’ll get a taxi which usually costs £20 on this route, so I saved £8!

You can sign up for Uber here – You will also get a FREE £10 credit added straight to your account, perfect for giving them a try and seeing what you think 🙂


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