UK Vending Machines Soon To Serve Salads & Hot Food!

UK Vending Machines Soon To Serve Salads & Hot Food!

For those of you who’ve ventured to countries such as America, Australia, China and Japan, you may of noticed that they are much more advanced when it comes to vending machines than we are. Here in the UK we don’t get much more than a bar of chocolate or bag of crisps whereas in those other countries fresh food is available to buy from vending machines. However experts have said that we will soon be following suit!

Dr Morgaine Gaye, whose job as a food futurologist entails looking at how eating trends develop told the Daily Mail: ‘We are moving away from three meals a day towards snacking more and eating on the go, which will increase demand for vending machines and change what we want to be able to buy from them. ‘We are going to start seeing hot-snack vending being much more available.’

She says: ‘There are some brilliant ideas around the world. Vending is really going to come into the UK in a big way.’

That means fresh salads prepared earlier that morning along with hot foods such as burgers and fries which are already available in vending machines in America could be with us shortly! There is already a vending machine in Dundee which sells bags of potatoes and trays of groceries from £5.

It may take a while for us to become as advanced as Japan who have vending machines which dispense everything from hot noodles to pancakes, but It’s definitley a step forward for those of us who only have the time to eat on the go!

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