Unemployed young people to be sent to ‘work boot camp’

Unemployed young people to be sent to ‘work boot camp’

Ministers have warned that unemployed young people will now risk losing their benefits if they don’t take part in a work ‘boot camp’ the government has now announced.

The 71-hour programme would target people aged 18 – 21 in a bid to prepare them for the world of work.

ITV news says: ‘Within the first three weeks of claiming unemployment benefits, young claimants will be given help with job applications and interview techniques, as well as an “extensive” search for vacancies. A dedicated “work coach” will work with job seekers and review what was achieved during the initial three-week course, the Cabinet Office said.’

The Government has also announced that it will oversee the creation of three million more apprentices by 2020 and previously announced changes to the welfare system, including an end to the automatic entitlement to housing benefit for under 21’s.

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