Unicorn Smarties Are HERE, And They’re Only £1 Per Bag

Love unicorns and chocolate? Well, Smarties have a treat for you!

Nestle’s new Smarties are sure to be a hit with any unicorn fan.

At just £1 per bag, this sweet snack is super affordable.

We all love the confectionary for their bright colour and tasty chocolate, and the unicorn edition tastes just the same, but has pastel blue and pink colouring.

Stephanie Scales from Nestlé UK said: “Smarties is all about the colour and, if you are a fan of the colourful world of unicorns, then these are your perfectly Instagramable summer accessory for everything from road-trips to creative baking.”

So, if you’re in the mood for a magical snack this weekend, why not pick up these Smarties?

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