Universal Free School Meals In Danger Of Being Scrapped

Universal Free School Meals In Danger Of Being Scrapped

Free school meals have come under threat in the new Government spending review. It is thought that the government are considering scrapping free school meals for all infants at lunchtime.

According to The Times, the Conservatives committed to the policy in their 2015 manifesto, but the cut is under consideration as part of George Osbourne’s November spending review.

The free school meal scheme was introduced by Nick Clegg in the last coalition government, and it saves the parents of pupils in reception, year one and two about £400 a year for each child. Labour have said that if it goes ahead children will go hungry.

The Free School Meal scheme currently costs the government £800 million a year and the Department of Education is refusing to rule out scrapping the scheme.

The £1bn scheme was originally criticised by some schools who had to install kitchens, but the scheme was rolled out anyway in September and has since been extremely helpful to parents.

Lucy Powell, the new shadow education secretary has said: ‘There is a very real risk that scrapping free school meals combined with tax credit cuts could see millions of children going hungry as a result of this decision.’

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