Exclusive £250 back with the UK’s best value broadband deals

Unlimited broadband plus up to £250 back with Cable.co.uk

Every time you turn on the TV, radio or open a magazine there is another offer for broadband. It can be difficult to know exactly where to look for the best deal and if you are actually getting value for money – it’s a minefield out there!

However, I have managed to hunt down this great deal for you all which will not only see you have unlimited broadband, you will also benefit from a high-speed connection, a £200 BT Reward Card and £50 cashback – nice! You will also have access to over 5 million BT wi-fi hotspots so when you’re out and about you can easily connect to the web without having to cut into your mobile phone data allowance.

Cable.co.uk are a price comparison website and this deal is only available through this dedicated BT link.

  • Get Unlimited BT Broadband and free weekend calls from only £23.99 per month (includes line rental), and claim up to £200 BT Reward Card plus an extra £50 Cashback.
  • The offer runs from 15th March until 21st March

Things you need to know about the offer;

  • Speed – up to 52Mb
  • Unlimited Monthly usage
  • 100GB BT Cloud Storage
  • Call Protect – Prevent nuisance calls for FREE
  • BT wi-fi hotspots – FREE access to 5 million BT wi-fi hotspots
  • 12-month contract

Handy to know;

  • Customers have up to 3 months to claim their BT Reward Card AND their cheque and must do this only after the order has installed.   So will need to submit TWO claims.
  • Any claims received after three months will not be eligible for the BT Reward card NOR the £50 cheque.
  • To claim your BT Reward Card head here –  www.bt.com/claimmyreward
  • To claim your cashback head here – https://www.broadbandbenefits.co.uk/cashback

Head to BT via Cable.co.uk now for more information on this fantastic offer…

Unlimited broadband and calls with cable.co.uk

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