£17m Of Unused Tesco Clubcard Vouchers Are Expiring This Month

A whopping £17 million of unused Tesco Clubcard vouchers are due to expire this month. Find out how to check yours today to make sure you don’t miss out!

Did you know Tesco Clubcard vouchers are only valid for two years after they’re issued? The supermarket has announced that £17 million worth of unused vouchers will be expiring on Saturday 29th February 2019 – don’t let yours go to waste.

How to check if you have Tesco Clubcard vouchers about to expire

If you have physical Clubcard vouchers in your home, you can easily look at the expiry date printed on your voucher. However, if you don’t have any vouchers lying around your home, you can check them online too!

Using the Tesco website is an easy way to check your Clubcard vouchers. Simply head to the Tesco Clubcard website, go to the ‘My Clubcard’ section, and then ‘Vouchers’. Then, you’ll see a helpful table which lists your available vouchers and their respective expiry dates. Easy peasy.

Or if you’d prefer to check your vouchers using the Tesco app, just log in and tap the ‘Vouchers’ section.

Make sure you don’t let your vouchers go to waste. As the supermarket themselves say, every little helps!

A handy tip to make your Tesco Clubcard vouchers last longer

Do you have some vouchers about to expire that you don’t want to spend just yet? There’s a way you can extend their date for up to two years!

Make a small purchase using the Tesco Clubcard website (it must be this site – not in store or main Tesco page), and pay using one of your vouchers. This way, the remaining balance of that voucher will be credited back to your Clubcard account as points.

Those Clubcard points will then be issued as new vouchers that you’ll have up to two years to spend! This is a really easy way to make the most of your Clubcard vouchers. For example, if you have a voucher for £20 that is about to expire, and buy an item on the Clubcard website for £1, you’ll be re-issued £19 in new vouchers and have up to 24 months to spend them.

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