Upcoming, History and Feedback

I thought it may be a good idea to keep all links to interviews past and present in one place and also all the lovely feedback I am getting 🙂

Website Feedback

I am absolutely amazed with the response! Thank you all so much for your kind words…. Here is what some of my amazing fans had to say….

keep up the good work! I have purchased so many things from links from your page saving me pounds pounds pounds. Just today I learned that I qualify for £140 of free electric!! Would never had even looked if it wasn’t for your post so thank you. My mum isn’t on Facebook but always asks me to get your page up for her to have a nose so she will be excited when your website goes public! Well done and Thank You!!

This is amazing xxx

Thanks for sharing your new web page with me it’s amazing looking forward to all your great money saving tips they r a great help thank you and good luck on your new web page not that you will need it

Thanks for the invitation I’ve got me free samples on their way to me!! Look forward to more money saving tips xxx

Hi ashleigh thank you for your bargains have bought a few things that you have had on your page keep up the good work xx

Your site looks amazing. Well done. X

Thanks for the invite the website looks great. Especially liking the student discount list 🙂 

Well done Ashleigh, the website looks great xx

Well done Ash the new website looks amazing

I’ve just had a quick look at the website and it’s looking good.  I think it would be great if you could get an iPhone app up and running, I would download it. 

Thank you for everything you do and how much of a help you are to us all. Not many people around these days that will give up there free time to help others. 

Thank you very much for the invitation to your website I have bookmarked it straight away. I look forward to seeing more of the great deals and offers you find. I love a bargain. 

Your page looks fab. Just had a browse. Congratulations 🙂

Aw wow thanks ash you’ve helped me spend a lot of money ) but save millions so far I look forward to more shopping x

I’ve followed your fb page for ages and love it. Just had a quick glimpse at the website and it looks fab. Good luck with everything 

I’ve bookmarked the website and will have a really good browse. You’ve saved me a lot of money already so thank you so much and keep up the good work! Well done!

Upcoming Interviews

I have an interview coming up soon with Closer Magazine. Very excited for this because its my first national interview!

When I have the confirmed date for it I will post it here 🙂


Past Interviews

North East Queen of ‘Money Saving Tips’

I have also had an interview with NE1 magazine but I cant seem to attach a link 🙁

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