Urgent Asda And Co-op Soup Recall

Both Asda and Co-op are recalling 6 soups due to undeclared mustard in products.

Asda is recalling Sweet Potato & Red Chilli Soup (600g) with the use-by date of March 2nd and March 27th.

On the other hand, Co-op is recalling five of its soups:

  • Chicken & Vegetable Broth (400g)
  • Chicken & Vegetable Broth (600g)
  • Chunky Vegetable Soup (400g)
  • Chunky Vegetable Soup (600g)
  • Irresistible Tomato & Lentil Soup (600g)

An allergic reaction can cause a vast array of serious health complications such as stomach aches or in serious issues, an anaphylactic shock or shortness of breath.

The Food Standards Agency has issued a statement suggesting those who have bought these soups with an allergy or intolerance to mustard should return the products to Asda or Co-op for a refund, with or without a receipt.

Image: The Sun
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