URGENT RECALL: Bruin Infant Wiggle Ball

Children’s toy store Toys ‘R’ Us are urgently recalling the Bruin Wiggle Ball toy amid fears of choking.

The toy store is urging people to stop using the product with their babies immediately as they could pose a choking hazard.

Image: Babies ‘R’ Us

It has been reported that in the US, the small rubber parts on the toy have fallen off on six separate occasions and there have been four in which infants have been found with the toy parts in their mouths.

The parts are small enough for a baby to swallow and choke on, so it is imperative that any parents with the toy stop using them straight away.

Toys ‘R’ Us have removed the toy from the UK website after the reports in the US and Canada, and 30,000 of the toy have been recalled in the US and a further 30,000 in Canada.

The sensory toy which is also known as the Giggle Ball, wiggles, vibrates, plays different musical tunes and features brightly coloured bumps which help babies to hold on to the toy.

As well as the brightly coloured grips on the ball coming loose, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has also reportedly warned that the plastic back of the toy can also break off.

The model number for the recalled toy is 5F6342E and the Toys ‘R’ Us name is also printed on the ball.

The popular toy store has urged its customers to stop using the toys promptly and return them to the stores for a full refund.

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