URGENT RECALL: Children’s Car Seats!

URGENT RECALL: Children’s Car Seats!

You may remember hearing back in May that there was a presumed safety issue with the harnesses on Kiddu Car seats which let to them temporarily being taken off the market in order for a full investigation to take place. The investigation came after a very disturbing report was made about a child’s harness coming undone unexpectedly, causing them to fly into the gear stick of the car and today the Kiddu Lane Group have finally announced that there is now an urgent safety recall for all of their car seats.


The official product recall notice on theKiddu Lane website reads: ‘Unfortunately, it has come to light that there is a potential safety issue with the Kiddu Lane Group 1/2/3 Car Seat sold from June 2012 until May 2015 when used in a Group 1 format i.e. with the buckle and harness. We have noted that in rare cases due to a potential manufacturing defect, the buckle may open in the event of an impact.’

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The company have therefore recommended that anyone with a Kiddu Lane Group 1/2/3 car seat sold from June 2012 until May 2015 should stop using the products immediately.

If you are unsure about any of this information or whether or not your particular product is one of the ones being recalled, then the company have set up a dedicated helpline to answer all of your questions and concerns and to explain how you can go about claiming your refund.

Please call the helpline on 0161 702 5061.

CLICK HERE to read the important car seat notice that could save a child’s life!

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