URGENT RECALL: Morrisons Bolognese Pasta Ready Meal

Supermarket Morrisons is urgently recalling their Italian Penne Bolognese Bake ready meal due to allergy concerns.

The pasta meal is being withdrawn from sale after it has been found that the meal for one does not state on the label that it contains celery, which could pose a health risk to those allergic to the ingredient.

Celery is a rarer allergy to have, symptoms can be serious and can cause vomiting and breathing issues as well as anaphylactic shock.

As a result it is a law that brands must label when celery is used as an ingredient.

The products thought to be affected contain the use by dates from February 18th up to and including the 23rd.

If you have a known allergy to celery, Morrisons are asking you to not consume the product and to return it to store for a refund or exchange.

Image: Morrisons
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