Urgent Recall: Whirlpool Gas Hobs

Whirlpool are urging their customers to refrain from using a model of its gas hobs after a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning has been discovered.

It is thought that the large left front burner of the AKM 274/IX hob could emit carbon monoxide levels above the EU standard.

Carbon monoxide can be deadly when fuel containing carbon burns without sufficient oxygen.

If the left hand ring does emit carbon monoxide above the EU standard it could have the ability to affect customers’ health.

Image: Whirlpool

Whirlpool has asked its customers who own the hob to refrain from using the left large burner until the fault has been amended by a Whirlpool engineer.

The brand did assure its customers that the fault does not increase the risk of fire or explosion, and that there have been no reported incidents either.

The company reported to Electrical Safety First that the fault was due to a technical issue in their manufacturing where the hobs were made with the wrong type of gas injector in the front left corner.

Whirlpool has told its customers to contact their customer service team on 0800 316 3885 to book their free home visit and repair.

Image: Whirlpool
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