Do you have any of these McVitie’s biscuits soft toys lying around your home? If so you may of already been contacted by the promoters about the safety recall.

If not, then you should be aware that two instances an eye of the character has been detached which could be potentially dangerous for small children. As a precautionary measure they are recalling ALL sweet friends soft toys.

If you took part in  the McVities biscuit soft promotion or know somebody else who may of done, PLEASE ensure the message is passed on so that they can be aware of the issue and the toy can be returned.

When you contact the promoters you will be sent a pre-paid envelope to return the toy, along with a £5 voucher as a ‘gesture of good will’, and in the future you should also receive a replacement toy once the issue has been resolved.


Recalled Characters:

The Kitten

The Puppy

The Owl

The Tarsier

CLICK HERE for further information and contact details.

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