Utterly Amazing Halloumi Fries Have Landed!

The geniuses down at the Co-Op have done it again with these totally phenomenal Halloumi Flavoured Crisps for only £1!

Halloumi has to be one of the most popular side dishes in the world right now and so it makes sense that our regular cheese and onion crisps would get an upgrade.

The potato tube-shaped crisps are packed full of halloumi cheese flavour with a little pinch of chilli for an extra kick.

These are the latest addition to the limited edition crisp range Co-Op have released for the summer.

The range includes spiced coconut and chargrilled pineapple tortilla chips, aromatic crispy duck and hoisin crisps, lamb kofta and halloumi flatbread crisps and now the halloumi flavoured fries and is available in store now!

If you know a halloumi addict they will love these! Let us know if you’ll be grabbing a bag!

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