Valentines Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

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The countdown is well and truly on to Valentine’s and for those of you looking to get ahead with some gift inspiration, here’s Beaverbrooks pick of the most wow-worthy gifts guaranteed to sweep that special someone finally off their feet.

Below is a guide to choosing the most perfect diamond.


1.  Choose the Band

 Choosing the band is the first part of getting the best ring, the band is the part that fits snuggly around the finger so it has got to be right first time, the most important question for the band is do you choose White Gold, Yellow Gold or Platinum? Gold comes in Carats, most popular to be chosen in engagement and wedding bands is 18ct but another more popular chosen predicted by price is 9ct.

 2.  Choose the right Size

 You are most likely not going to know the exact size you need for the band, one way to find out is by sneaking out  one of your partners existing rings that they wear on their engagement finger and getting the jeweller to find out the size. If this is not possible its always best to buy a bigger band as its easier to get a ring sized down then to get one sized up, so remember that when choosing the size.

3. Choosing the Setting

 The setting is the part that holds the stone into the ring, you can get invisible settings where the stone is held under a ridge or alternatively a pronged settings, bear in mind that a 4 pronged setting can make a round stone look square. The ideal setting is 6 prongs which are going to be safer and keep the stone held in place better if the wearer is going to be wearing it under prolonged activity, its always better to be safe then sorry as the stone is normally the highlight of the ring.

3. Choosing the Style

 A solitaire has one single or a selection of small stones that give the illusion of 1 stone, a solitaire is more of a wow-style ring as the bigger the diamond the more prestigious it will look on the finger, another popular style is a cluster which is a choice for those desiring a more contemporary and glamorous look, there is generally a large stone surrounded by a number of smaller stones around the band.


4. Choose the right Stone

 Selecting the diamond is the icing on the cake of choosing the Perfect Ring! Do you choose a real or an imitation diamond? Cubic Zirconia is a much more affordable stone but do remember that they are softer than real diamonds and will dull over the years, generally they can not be distinguished from a real diamond except by an expert eye.

5. Picking the Diamond

 Real diamonds are selected using the 4C’s Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut.  Carats refer to the weight of a diamond and not by the size, each Carat has 100 points and your budget is always going to determine the carat you can afford. The colour of a diamond varies exceptionally, most jewellers will mount grade D pure white diamonds as they are mostly common in engagament rings, most good affordable diamonds will be graded a G. Clarity lets you know how perfectly natural the diamond is, the less imperfections the better the diamond and the more lights will shine through to make it sparkle. Cut refers to how the diamond will be shaped, there are multiple ways to cut a diamond including Round/Brilliant to Radiant/Princess that will hide flaws in the diamond. Other cuts include Square, Emerald, Pear, Asscher and Heart



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