Vauxhall Recall Zafiras AGAIN!

Vauxhall have issued a second recall of their Zafira cars after an investigation revealed they have been bursting into flames after being repaired

*Post update*

There has been another Zafira fire, this time it happened as the car stood still on a McDonalds drive-thru. A mum and her 4 kids escaped the car just in time before it went up in flames. If you have one of these cars, please get it checked out to ensure it is safe.

*Update end*

Vauxhall have issued a recall of Zafira model cars as it came to light that some Zafiras were bursting into flames after being repaired following an earlier recall back in December.

The first recall was of 235,000 Zafira B models after 200 of them caught fire. The company explained that it was caused by faulty repairs of a heating system fuse, which they then replaced. However after a 4 month study taken out by the Sun newspaper revealed repaired vehicles were still bursting into flames, Vauxhall have issued a second recall.

All vehicles will now have their heating system motor blowers replaced in August.

Meanwhile the recall could cost Vauxhall up to £50million and see them grilled by MPs as customers are claiming the firm has tried to cover up the extent of the problem to save money and their brand.

Have you had a bad experience with the Zafira? Let us know how they handled it in the comments below or over on our Facebook page. If you are concerned about your Vauxhall Zafira B model you should contact your nearest Vauxhall dealer or read their customer advice on the matter here.

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