Your Vintage Sylvanian Families Toys Could Be Worth How Much?

Do you still have some of your precious Sylvanian Families toys hanging around in the attic from when you were younger? Well they could be worth quite a bit of money now.

If you happen to own any original sets or figures, they could earn you some serious cash if you were to sell them today.

Image: Cosmo/Ebay

Reportedly, some rarer figures have sold singularly for up to £500 online!

It has also been reported that play sets have raked in a lot of money for some people on Ebay too, such as the Applewood Department Store, and the Country House Manor, which have previously sold for around £200.

Other sets thought to fetch you some serious money are the Regency Hotel, the Highland Farm House, and wedding sets.

So if you were once an avid collector of Sylvanian Families, but fancy seeing them go to a good home rather than having them lying about, you could potentially get a small fortune in exchange for them!


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