Visit This Island And If It Rains, You Can Claim A ‘Rain Refund’

You must be thinking, what on earth is a rain refund? Well, prepare to have your mind blown…

We know all too well how much of a downer rain can put on a trip to a place full of sunshine and for this reason, this island is offering refunds!

An island in Italy called Elba, as well as a whole host of hotels on the island are offering travellers refunds if it rains for 2 hours between 10am and 8pm.

The island is the third largest island in Italy with beautiful blue waters and golden sands, nestled just off the coast of Tuscany.

What’s more is that if it rains every day during your stay, you can have your entire stay for free!

Elba is a popular holiday destination and despite rain being quite rare on the island, a little rain is always, always possible.

The offer is running throughout May and again throughout September until the end of October.

So if you’re looking for a holiday full of blue seas and beautiful beaches, just know you can get a rain refund in Elba!

Image: Cosmopolitan
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