Volkswagen emissions, is your car affected, will it cost?

Volkswagen emissions, is your car affected, will it cost?

If you are worried about the Volkswagen emissions scandal, then I have done some research to help you find out if your car has been affected and how much it could cost you to fix it.

In case you hadn’t already heard in the news this week, Volkswagen is contacting over 1.2 million UK customers in order to organise a huge recall of its cars after it was revealed that they may contain ‘cheat software’.

As a result of this, drivers are being urged to check their vehicles to see if they are affected. This may sound like a huge inconvenience, however Volkswagen has promised to pay for upgrades to remove the ‘cheat software’ that allowed them to pass official emissions tests. 

If you drive a Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Skoda car with a 189 EA engine then you should take the following steps.

If you drive a diesel Volkswagen car then you can find out if it has been affected HERE.

In order to do this you will need to be able to provide the Vehicle Identification Number which is unique to your car. 

If you find that your car is affected then it is still completely safe to drive and you are not in any danger by doing so.

The only thing affected is the level of emissions from the car, which could be higher than official tests after the company admitted using software to deliver lower readings during emissions tests than the car actually produced in real-world driving.

Volkswagen has not yet confirmed what they will need to do to the cars once they are recalled. It sounds as though a software update will remove the ‘cheat switch’ which sounds simple enough although some cars may need further work.

CEO Matthias Muller has said: “In many instances a software update will be sufficient. Some vehicles, however, will also require hardware modifications. We will keep our customers constantly informed about the measures and arrange workshop appointments.”

Volkswagen says it will ‘cover the costs relating directly to the repair’, so Volkswagen owners should not be left out of pocket.


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