Sainsburys voucher code stacking and freebies

Sainsburys voucher code stacking and freebies

How to get £18 off your shop PLUS 4 freebies…

Proof it works below…

Right now you can save £18 off your FIRST £80 Sainsburys online grocery shop. If you have ordered with Sainsburys before then why doesn’t your partner sign up and they can be the new customer?

This offer was first live a few weeks ago with different products but the codes only have a certain number of uses available before they expire so jump in quick while they’re still valid.

Add the following items into your basket completely FREE…


Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 14.44.00

Simply add each of these into your basket and enter the following codes when you’re at the checkout to make them free…


Then to get £18 off your first grocery shop enter coupon…


You will need to sign in before you can use the voucher codes.

If you can click and collect your order then it will be free, if you choose delivery it will cost you a few pound.

If you don’t need the cat food, why not order anyway and you can give it to your local cat and dog shelter?

Head to Sainsburys here to place your order.
Sainsburys voucher code stacking and freebies Before codes.

Sainsburys voucher code stacking and freebies After codes. This is proof from the last time this offer was on, I will get an updated photo on ASAP.

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