Wagon Wheels Teacakes Have Been Released & We Need Them Now

We all know someone who is still absolutely obsessed with a good retro Wagon Wheel, and now the brand have released a new teacake line and we are excited!

If you were absolutely obsessed with Wagon Wheel biscuits back in the day, or like us, still are, then you’ll definitely want to try their modern release.

If you love a Tunnocks teacake, then you’re sure to love Wagon Wheels Jammie offering which have the same delicious biscuity base as a Wagon Wheel, with a marshmallow centre and a jam core in a dome shaped chocolate covered outer.

Like Wagon Wheels they’re set to be highly addictive (we can have 3 Wagon Wheels in a day and not get bored) so its definitely handy that they come in packs of 8.

The packs can be snapped up from Sainsbury’s and convenience shops for just £1.

We don’t know about you but we think they’re going to be super moreish!

Brb, we’re off to Sainsbury’s…

Image: Wagon Wheels
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