Walkers Threaten To Discontinue 3 Classic Crisp Flavours

Calling all crisp lovers! Walkers have revealed that they’re going to discontinue one of their three most iconic flavours – and you can vote to save your favourite.

Salt and Vinegar, Prawn Cocktail and Smoky Bacon are the flavours at risk. Whichever flavour gets the least amount of votes will be scrapped and replaced with a new variety.

Exotic new flavours such as Lime and Black Pepper, Paprika or Bacon and Cheddar will replace the discontinued crisps.

The general public has the final say over which flavour will get the axe! Walkers are hosting a vote where people can decide which flavour they’d like to see the back of.

The crisp company are asking fans to ‘choose or lose’ their flavour of choice.

You can vote here.

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