Warning over children’s snap bracelets

Warning over children’s snap bracelets

You may have remembered this from last year but it seems to have happened again…

Last year this story made the headlines after a young girl was playing with her snap bracelet when the covering came away and the ‘metal’ band inside gave her a serious cut to the cheek – it was a very deep cut.

It turned out that the ‘metal’ band was actually a tape measure cut down to size.

The bracelet was sold on ebay as well as numerous market stalls – It was very popular because it was a Frozen bracelet.

Warning over children's snap bracelet

I had an message come through last night from someone who wants to stay anonymous and she said ”I bought one of those snap bracelets at the weekend for my daughter and she was showing her friends in the school yard yesterday. One of the mums told me to  be careful with it because she thinks they are dangerous and to google them. When my daughter went to bed last night I cut away the plastic covering and there was a tape measure in there! It wasn’t one of the frozen bangles, it just had a flower design on so it could happen to any of them. Will you warn people incase someone gets hurt? Thank you”

When this happened last year, the advice was to contact Citizens Advice on 03454 04 05 06 if you know where any of the bracelets are being sold. I have passed this on to the woman I have been talking to but it may be worth checking that your child doesn’t have one of these dangerous snap bracelets.

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