Warning for drivers who take medication

Warning for drivers who take medication

Do you take medication or have hay fever? You need to know this…

Motorists are now being warned about the dangers of driving under the influence of medication after a new law was passed last year which not many people know about.

A new drug-driving offence came into force last year which includes some prescription medication and a number of over-the-counter medicines.

Anyone convicted of being over the specified limit and driving with certain drugs in their system could be fined £5,000, given a six-month prison sentence and a minimum one-year driving ban.

As it is hay fever season there has been a warning put in place for drivers on hay fever relief medication.

Hay fever tablets are known to cause drowsiness and even blurred vision and some hay fever remedies can also contain several different types of medication. It is always worth asking your pharmacist for the least drowsy hay fever remedy which is usually loratadine.

Other medication which could send you over the limit is;

  • Amphetamine 250µg/L
  • Clonazepam 50µg/L
  • Diazepam 550µg/L
  • Flunitrazepam 300µg/L
  • Lorazepam 100µg/L
  • Methadone 500µg/L
  • Morphine 80µg/L
  • Oxazepam 300µg/L
  • Temazepam 1,000µg/L
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  1. Prescription medicines on the list and warnings galore and yet people who smoke cannabis seem to think they are immune and safe to drive -after all its only “a little bit of pot” and it “doesn’t affect” them or their driving, and are fully convinced they are safe to be behind the wheel. Yet they talk about legalising it???? FOOLS!!

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