Warning Over Cash Machine Scam.

Warning Over Cash Machine Scam.

Police have warned that there is a special device being used to steal cards from ATM’s and it is becoming more and more common.

The scam is being referred to by police as the ‘Lebanese Loop’ and uses a special strip of plastic to stop your card from being returned when you use a cash machine then once you leave the cashpoint the thieves will step in and retrieve it.

Yahoo news says: ‘Prime sites tend to be near pubs and restaurants. The devices tend to look like a normal part of the cash machine, but police say you may notice the card slot sticking out further than other parts of the machine – if you have any suspicions, do not use the cashpoint.’

If your card ever happens to be retained by a machine then it is best not to leave the machine if It’s safe for you not to.

the best thing to do is to ring your bank and cancel straight away.

I know it may sound obvious, but ALWAYS shield your PIN at any cash machine!

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