Warning to all parents on Facebook

Warning to all parents on Facebook

Teenage girls stalked Mums Facebook page in a plot to kidnap her child.

Shantel Ullah told The Sun how she was contacted on Facebook to say she had won a competition on a Facebook page and asked for her contact details so they could post the prize to her.

Shantel said: “They sent me a message saying a friend had entered me in a raffle and I had won £100 worth of baby clothes. They said I could either pick them up or they could send them to me if I gave them my details. So I did, because they claimed to be miles away. They also asked if I lived on my own. I didn’t really think anything more of it.”

But then the very next day the girls turned up outside Shantel’s door in Normanton, Derby, in a taxi.

The girls posed as a social workers and attempted to kidnap Shantel’s newborn son — claiming she needed to take him for a health check.

Shantel handed over two-week-old Dontae after the teenager turned up at her home but snatched him back when the girl began acting suspiciously.

Shantel said: “She was dressed very professionally in black trousers, high heels, and a black patterned blouse, and was carrying a designer handbag. She said I’d signed a form when I was pregnant to say she could take Dontae away for half an hour for a medical check. She looked very young, and seemed nervous. But when you have just had a baby you have all kinds of visitors. And she knew my full name, so it seemed genuine. She asked if she could hold Dontae and I let her, which I now regret. Then she asked if I loved him and said, ‘He’s gorgeous’. But I knew I hadn’t signed any form so I said she couldn’t take him. I wasn’t going to let him go. My instinct told me not to. She became more nervous and just said, “Oh, we’ll have to arrange another date then,’ and walked out.

“I knew something wasn’t right. I started crying, then went upstairs and told my mum.

“She told me to ring social services to ask if they had sent anyone around, but they said they hadn’t. They told me to call the police.”

“They must have been looking through my Facebook profile and seen pictures of Dontae.

“The police said they’d been watching me for months. Apparently one of them had a Jamaican boyfriend and had told him she was eight months pregnant — so needed to come up with a newborn mixed-race baby quickly. My Dontae, who was just two weeks old at the time, was to be that baby.”

Police discovered the teenage pair had tried to abduct a baby in Huddersfield before targeting Shantel — and also plotted to snatch a baby in Wolverhampton.

The teenagers attracted new mums to their Facebook page by offering clothes and other baby items at low prices. They also offered baby items for free, saying that it was to promote their business.

Be VERY cautious online and don’t give out your personal details to anyone you don’t know.

Please share this with other parents on social media to ensure they don’t fall for anything similar.

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  1. NOBODY should be stupid enough to hand their baby over no matter what age to ANY stranger,full stop I think a few vigilantes will put these sick bastards in there place

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