WARNING: UK Prosecco Shortage!

WARNING: UK Prosecco Shortage!

Have you heard the worrying news? There’s a strong rumour going around that by the time Summer hits, there will be a shortage of Prosecco! 

It has been reported in the news this week that due to last years harvest being so poor, down by 50% in some parts, that a shortage is a real possibility this year.

It sounds like something that is too absurd to be true but apparently this is a genuine concern. This newsflash has come as a shock to people all over the world and many are now rushing about to stock up in time for the summer which might not be a bad idea. 

Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine named for the village near Triest where the Glera grape used to make it may have orginated.


In Italy, Prosecco is enjoyed as a wine for every occasion, and there’s been a recent trend for it in other parts of the world which has seen consumption skyrocket.

If you are a big Prosecco fan and you want to be safe by stocking up before the drought hits, I have found some of the best deals for you below! 

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