Was this taxi driver right to fine pregnant woman?

Was this taxi driver right to fine pregnant woman?

Now this story has taken me by surprise today and I’d love to hear your views on the topic since the opinions are so split!

Basically a woman gave birth in the back of a taxi and has now been faced with a fine for the clean up from the driver!

Karolina Dabrowska, 36, had son Sebastian in the vehicle and even posed for pictures with her baby on the back seat.

But they were left speechless when dad Matthew Errington, 43, was asked by the driver to be paid a fee for clearing up.

Matthew claims the driver banged on the ambulance doors and demanded he either clean up himself or hand over cash.

Koralina’s husband Matthew told ITV News: ‘She said the baby’s coming, we need to stop. So we pulled over. I dialled 999 for an ambulance and ran into the hotel.

There was a doctor in there and two minutes later my son was born in the back of the taxi.

My baby came out with his cord wrapped around his neck and at that point the taxi driver starts asking me for money.

I said my son’s not breathing leave me alone. The doctor came out and saved my son’s life.

Everybody was so helpful, however the taxi driver saying, ‘How am I going to get my taxi clean?’

I got my son breathing and he is still asking for money.’

I can’t even begin to imagine this woman’s distress, but opinions are mixed. On the one hand readers of the news story agree that the driver would need some compensation as it is his business, but what do you think?

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  1. Tight git! Its not her fault she gave birth in the taxi! Plus the interest this story generates will be good advertisement, well, it won’t be if he makes himself out to be a nasty money-grabber! He could have used this story to really sell his business, instead, after reading how nasty he’s been, I would rather avoid his business.

  2. Yes, if it was me I would have paid. But asking while she has a child potentially dying – is disgusting. There is a time and a place. If he picked her up from her house, he knows where she lives.. he could always go back and ask for it then.

  3. I have one question. does he also charge someone who has been sick in his Taxi. I don’t think they should pay as this is the risk of a Taxi business when they are taking anyone in their Taxi. No matter if its someone spewing or someone having a Baby.

  4. I think it’s right they should pay for it to be cleaned- how much money did he miss out on that night/day due to this. It’s his livelihood. I do however think his timing could have been better. He should have waited until all was said and done before approaching them for money! Especially in such distressing circumstances.
    When I was in labour with my second, we got a taxi to the hospital, but I covered the seat and footwell with maternity mats (I slept on one and sat on one all the time from 7 months in case my waters went) just in case.

  5. Too right they should have to pay for it to be cleaned. It’s not like he could carry on working while his taxi was dirty.
    She managed to ‘pose’ for pictures inside the taxi so they definitely had time to pay him some money to get it cleaned.

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