Was This Wedding Gift Not Enough?

Was This Wedding Gift Not Enough?

After being invited to an ex-colleagues wedding with the request of cash gifts, an unnamed guest attended with a cheque of £100. However, the couple didn’t think this was generous enough.

The unnamed guest posted to Mumsnet an email they received from the couple who wanted to inform the guest that their contribution, the £100 cheque, wasn’t as much as they thought the guest should have given. The couple then went on to say that if they would like to adjust their contribution it would be ‘thankfully received’.

They also said a person in ‘you own position’, meaning the guest could have contributed more. The poster said that the line is referring to an inheritance they recently received.

At the end of the post on Mumsnet, they asked what they should do, whether they should contact them again, not knowing if they should send more money, cancel the cheque, or something else.

The poster received many comments with many different suggestions from cancelling the cheque, being a ‘grown up’ and just ignore them and people suggesting that she should reply saying if the gift offended them they should send it back.

One person also said that they could send an email back with other guests emails as BCC’s. This is where you send the email to the primary recipient and the BCC’s (blind carbon copy) receive the same email without the primary recipient knowing they also got it. This would show the other guest that the couple are ungrateful.

After the overwhelming number of replies to her post, the unnamed guest posted again with the reply they sent to the couple’s email. The response they sent simply said ‘I assume this was some soft of mistake?’. They also said in the post that they could ask other guests of the wedding, if they were sent a similar email asking for more money, so they know they were or weren’t being singled out by the couple.

What would you have done if you got that email?

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