Ways To Save On Your Next Trip To Nando’s

If you’re a super fan of all things Nando’s and peri-peri, you need to keep reading…

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to turn your hefty bill into one that your back pocket will appreciate.

Save a quid by ordering your chicken separate to your sides

Whether you’re ordering quarter chicken breast or a quarter chicken leg, ordering two sides pushes your bill up to £7.60.

Since chicken is life but splurging isn’t, to save a couple of quid, order your chicken with one separate side.

Snap up two chicken burgers for the price of one (kind of…)

You can order the double chicken burger meal that features two breasts and two sides.

What you can do here is order two garlic bread, take one of the chicken breasts to add in between.

Voila. You now have two chicken burgers with two sides for under £14! Kerrching!

Save £1.10 on halloumi sides rather than ordering halloumi starters

If you’re all about that cheese life, you can grab halloumi for cheaper by ordering it as a side.

If you’re a hardcore Nando’s fan, you’ll know halloumi starter costs a hefty £4.10 just 5 sticks.

However, if you can live without the dip it comes with to order as a side, you can snap it up for £1.50.

Make. Use. Of. Your. Nando’s. Card

If you don’t have one – you really need to get one!

Nando’s loyalty cards are our holy grail for free chicken at Ashleigh, literally.

All you need to do is spend at least £7 in your local Nando’s for chilli to be added to your card.

Once you’ve got at least 3 chillis, you’re on your way to free quarter chicken (usually worth £3.95).

Earn 10 chillis and you get an entire whole chicken worth £13.25 for free. Freebies at the ready!

Do you know of other great ways to save at Nando’s? Let us know so we can share with Nando’s fans far and wide.

Image: The Sun
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