just been to asda in gateshead and these were on offer not sure if it is in every store. had to have entry voided and scanned in for £1 as was on a self service till More info

Marvels star wars and lego city lego sets all reduced in store More info

Box of 32 x 3 for £20 and you get 8 extra pouches per box, so you get 120 pouches in total More info

Furby Connect reduced to £42.99 in Tesco. More info

Reduced in Asda. Not sure if nationwide but was lots in Stanley. More info

Handheld dyson Hoover More info

You get a pizza, garlic bread, wedges and cookies More info

Ella's kitchen baby rice reduced at Tesco :)! More info


Wkd blue x4 £1.50 instead of £5 in Asda More info

Asda has a range of kids Easter clothes all £5 RRP is varied but some upto £14 never lasts long normally a week but they fly off the shelves! More info


Lynx Africa down to £1 in asda More info

Calpol and bonjela More info


Pampers 29 pack of active fit nappies (I bought size 3 but all sizes look reduced) tag says £2. 50 but scanning at £1 More info


All Yankee 50% off in store only at Clintons until Sunday. Perfect for Mother's Day 👌🏻 More info


Nappies Expired

Newborn nappies a pound in asda More info

Just to let you know Aldi in Blackpool are selling 12 packs of mamia wipes for £3.99, tommee tippee variflow teats for £1.79, hauck buggy for £20, moses basket for £9.99 (stand is £6.99) xxx More info

Boys 2 pack of pjs scanned at just 20p at Asda Felling More info

Found these in my local co op reduced to £1 More info


Large Easter eggs with the mugs for £2 in Tesco stores More info

Champagne Flute Glasses More info

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