70% off  Gblife 2 in 1 One-Piece Portable Electric Breast Pump
70% off Gblife 2 in 1 One-Piece Portable Electric Breast Pump
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【Electric Breast Pump Without Pipeline】: The power supply and breast pump are integrated, mom could get rid of the pipeline and could milk anytime and anywhere. Iit solves the problem of 99% milking problem.
【2 in 1 Design】: 1st to 2nd gear massage modes, 3rd to 6th gear bionic milk pump block modes. It can imitate baby eyes, the massage cushion is regularly scaled like a baby's mouth. Comfort is improved more than 60%, It will relieve mom's pain.
【Anti-flow design】: Milk and air will be isolated, the life of the host is extended by more than 45% and ensures that every drop of milk remains to the baby.
【1 Hour USB Fast Charging】: One Hour Fast Charging can meet twice pump40 Minutes Use, Built-in Lithium Battery, USB Direct Charging, Convenient and Diverse Charging Method.
【High quality silicone and PP materials】: It is made of silicone and PP food grade and contains no bisphenol A, no fluorescent. We have many certifications. You don't need to worry about product safety issues. If you have any problems, please contact us freely.

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Price Now£10.49
Start Date10th December 2018
End Date11th December 2018
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