Baby Camera Monitor
Baby Camera Monitor
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[Two-way voice transmission] This video baby monitor has a popular feature that allows you to speak calm words to your baby through the monitor. The built-in 5 lullaby can help parents comfort their baby to sleep. Whether day or night, you can pay attention to your little sweetheart.
[Wireless Encryption] This video monitor uses a unique encryption technology to save video on a micro SD card (64G) that supports cloud storage. Password protection allows you to watch the camera simultaneously on your smartphone, tablet or Windows PC. It ensures that no one else can use the "feed" of your monitor, you can see what's happening in your home with the video baby monitor.
[Temperature and Motion Detection] Katze Tatze IP cameras feature room temperature monitoring with high/low temperature alarms. Once the temperature changes to your setup level, you will receive a message from your phone. This video baby monitor also detects movement and sends notifications to your display device to prevent your home from intruding.
[720P HD quality and night vision] No interference digital 720P HD, higher resolution, better video quality. Infrared LED technology extends the viewing distance to 16 feet deep, and the video baby monitor gives you a super night vision experience.
[Wide viewing angle] Our baby monitor with camera has a 60°-70° wide viewing angle lens with a horizontal 270° and a vertical 120° rotation angle for a clearer, sharper image. Use a 2.4GHz WiFi network.

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