Infinitoo 2-Pack Water Guns for Kids - 45% OFF
Infinitoo 2-Pack Water Guns for Kids - 45% OFF
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Instructions: ❗❗Because the water gun was filled with water to do a quality inspection before delivery, the inside may be stained with some water drops. This is a normal phenomenon and is not a used product.❗❗ Super powerful water gun for children who want to play outside for a passionate summer! it stimulates children's imaginations with these futuristic galactic water pistols. Each set comes with (2) 28cm water guns to double the fun. Transparent red and blue sections enhance visual beauty.

【Great Amusement and COOL DESIGN】 Are you looking for cool pool toys for children? the design is like in cartoon and video game. Looks like cartoon hero cosplay when children play with it. Kids would love it. Perfect for Summer Water Fighting, Family Fun, Swimming Pool and Outdoor Activity Toys. Easy to Fill, Easy to Fire!


Discount: 45%

Min Spend: £4.94

End Date20th August 2020
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