We Love The 90’s

Hands up if you miss the 90’s!!

Just for a bit of fun, I have put together a list of reasons why we loved the 90’s…

Slap Bracelets

I’m pretty sure these have been banned now, or people were calling for these to be banned because of what is inside them. I used to have loads of these though… My favourite being a one I picked up from a  Boyzone concert! 









Sabrina The Teenage Witch

I used to LOVE Sabrina, I remember spending Sunday afternoon’s at my Grandma’s house watching Sabrina on Nickelodeon! I was disappointed when I didn’t get a spell book on my 16th birthday, I always wanted to be Sabrina.








Are you afraid of the dark

Before I discovered ‘adult’ scary movies, you would find me watching this or Goosebumps. 







Skip It

I used to LOVE these! I was useless at a Hula Hoop so this was my skill.










I still don’t know the aim of the game with a Pog but I remember my brother and I collecting them and playing with them for hours on end!








Dream Phone

I remember at the end of term, just before the 6 weeks summer holidays, we would all be allowed to bring a toy into school for the day. Pretty much every girl would bring Dream Phone…
dream phone




Shaving Fun Ken

…Because no one wanted Ken with a beard! I think he looks sexier with the beard though…

Inflatable Furniture

Because sitting on your bed in the 90’s was boring…







Cadburys dispenser

I used to get one of these every Christmas! My parents obviously thought it was easier just to buy me a new one instead of replacement chocolates…


When the parachute came out in PE or at the youth club, you knew it was going to be a good day.

Ring Pops

How cool were these?!… Until your fingers ended up getting sticky…

Candy Necklace

These were great when I was a kid then I got to high school and we used to be terrified if we seen anyone with them! They would bite half of one of the candies and the other half would ping off and hit whoever they were aiming it at… It was sore too!





I could go on forever! I miss the 90’s…

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