Weatherproof your car from £1.50 at B&M!

Got caught out by the snow this morning? Make sure you’re not unprepared again with these snow and weatherproof products from B&M from just £1.50!

It maybe coming up to spring, but it’s also the time of the year that’s most notorious for giving us the worst weather!

The one good thing about getting bad weather this close to the season change though is that weather proofing products are now reduced, and B&M have got them in abundance!

Here’s some of our top picks..

Was: £7.99

NOW: £4.00

These windscreen protectors will keep your screen snow and frost-free! Simply lift it off in the morning before you go and drive away! No more tireless scraping making you late for work!

Was: £2.99

NOW: £1.50

No more freezing hands as you rush to scrape your windscreen! This Ice Scraper Mitt will keep your hand warm and dry as you clear your car, and you won’t have to waste time hunting around for both your scraper and gloves either.

Was: £3.99

NOW: £2.00

If you need to just get up and go, this Demon Ice spray will stop your glass icing over so there’s no need to defrost!

Was: £4.99

NOW: £2.50

Make sure your screen stays clean as you drive to work and school with this Demon Freeze De-Icing Screenwash. It prevents your pipes and water freezing so you can keep perfect visibility on your commute!

You can pick up all these great weatherproofing buys and more in-store at B&M now!

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