National Wedding Show money saving tips

National Wedding Show money saving tips

The average cost of a wedding is £24,000!

However I have come up with some great money saving tips that can help you save £££’s…

How should I pay for my wedding?

Credit cards can give you extra protection that debit cards and paying in cash can’t do. So if anything should go wrong you can contact your credit card provider for a refund depending on the circumstances.

How can I start saving?

Highlight any impulse buys or unwanted/unneeded direct debits on your bank statement. Stop impulse buying and cancel these DD’s and start saving that amount each month and anything else you can spare, you will be on your way to a healthy budget in no time!

When should I get married?

  • Be flexible with the date. If you can be flexible on the date of your wedding, your can get up to 60% off the price. Marrying on a weekday or in January, February, October or November is a great way to keep the price down.
  • Having a wedding later in the day can also help keep down costs


  • Is there a venue where you could bring your own food rather than have the venue cater? Making the food yourself or getting outside caterers to do the buffet is going to save you £100’s.
  • Haggle on everything. Just say another companies has offered the same thing at a cheaper price.
  • National hotel chains often do package wedding deals for less than £1000.

The dress

  • Charity shops can often have wedding dresses – remember, they will be in great condition because they’ll only have been worn once.
  • Wed2B have a great range of dresses between £65 – £599. They do designer, plus size and vintage so there is something for everyone!
  • Are you brave enough to get a wedding dress made abroad and shipped over? Do your research first though as I have seen some disasters in the past!
  • Ebay, Gumtree and similar online market place web sites are a great place to pick up wedding dresses. I have seen some gorgeous ones listed for only £30!

Acacia BridalsScreen Shot 2016-09-21 at 10.16.45


  • It is always cheaper to hire the suits. Formally Yours is the cheapest suit hire in the UK costing only £57 for jacket, trousers, shirt, waistcoat, cravat or tie with matching handkerchief.


  • On the morning of the wedding, why not head to a local flower market or florist and pick your own flowers and make your own bouquets? Hand tying your own bouquet will be simple and elegant.
  • Haggle in-store at your local florist to try and bring down the price.
  • Why not ask your local college to do your flowers? The floristry students need experiance and will cost a fraction of the cost.

The cake

  • Is there a talented family member that would like to take on the task of making your cake?
  • Students at a local college may be able to make your wedding cake for a fraction of the cost and you will be giving them some great experiance.
  • Why not buy supermarket wedding cakes and decorate and tier them yourself?
  • (Birmingham only) Khalid Kakes which are at the wedding show today (stand D70) will be offering a free box of cupcakes for anyone booking with them during the event alongside many special offers for this weekend only. Not only that but if you tell them I sent you they will give you a further 10% off your order!
  • Are you looking for something a little different for the cake? Why not get a Krispy Kreme wedding cake? They also do wedding favours!

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 10.10.37Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 10.10.50


  • Do you have a family member with a classy or vintage car? Ask them to take you!
  • Local taxi firms often do wedding car hire which is cheaper than your traditional car hire company.
  • What about a vintage bus? You could transport everyone on the bus rather than paying for separate cars.

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The little touches

The more you, your family and friends can do – the better. This will keep the price down and it will be a great way to get everyone involved in your wedding.

  • Make your own invitations, simply buy craft supplies – everyone will love the personalised touch
  • Are you brave enough to book your honeymoon nearer the date and get a last minute deal?
  • Instead of wedding gifts, why not ask guests to pay a contribution to your honeymoon? They can do this on a website called Honeymiles
  • Instead of paying for an expensive photographer, why not buy disposable cameras for each guest and ask them to take photos of the day? You could then take all the cameras to a good price photo printer store like Max Spielmann and get them developed.
  • When it comes to wedding favours I bet it didn’t cross your mind to check out Cancer Research UK? They have some gorgeous wedding favours with a suggested donation of £2 per person – personally I love this idea as you’re also helping charity while planning your perfect day 🙂
  • If you’re at one of The National Wedding Shows why not head to the HelenÉ make up stand where you can get £70 worth of make up for your big day for only £10!! I have tried the face base cream and it is fantastic and gives you a great coverage and colour without making you look orange.
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