Weetabix forced to recall cereal over health risk.

Weetabix forced to recall cereal over health risk.

Weetabix has announced that they are recalling packs of their Oatibic Flakes cereal over health fears.

There are fears that some of the boxes contain pieces of blue rubber.



If you have bought a 550g pack with the best before date of 18, 19, 20 or 21st January 2017, then the company are urging you to dispose of the product.

The food standards agency is viewing the possible contamination as a risk to public health but no other Oatibix products are thought to have been affected.

For your full refund the Weetabix food company have told customers to send a photograph of the product and its best before date to [email protected]

CLICK HERE to read more on this recall.

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