We’re expected to spend £3.5 billion on bargains over 4 days!

We’re expected to spend £3.5 billion on bargains over 4 days!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is just around the corner! Black Friday! And in the days leading up to it lots of retailers will be getting us excited with a whole load of amazing deals.

Research conducted by the Centre for Retail Research has stated that us Brits will spend £450 million more than any other country. There is also set to be 16 percent more people than last year shopping online once the events hit the internet. This may be due to people being put off going to the stores themselves after last years violence and havoc which famously spread throughout the country.

The same survey has told us that 32% of those shopping the Black Friday events will be using specific tactics. 23% will already have a list of items that they hope to find on offer. 9% are planning on filling their basket online ahead of time and hope that they’ll go down in price.

You can get one step ahead of the rest of the crowd by having a glance at all of my insider information! Here you’ll find a huge list of things that will be discounted and when! We have insider information from lots of retailers!

CLICK HERE for all of my Black Friday insider information.


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