What Coca Cola does to your…

What Coca Cola does to your… Penis

Yes, really! Coca Cola has major effects to your manhood!

Do you drink too much Coca Cola? You may want to think twice after research has shown the popular fizzy drink can have unwanted affects to your penis.

How does this save you money I hear you ask? Well it doesn’t really but I found this really interesting and I wanted to share it with you guys!

So, these are some of the effects you may suffer with…

  • Your sperm count can be lowered by 30% – maybe even eventually becoming infertile if Coca Cola intake was high over a long period of time.
  • You may end up suffering from erectile dysfunction
  • The sweeteners could damage the arteries in the penis which could prevent the blood from flowing freely through the muscle.

The study looked at 2,554 men and the findings from men who drank Coca Cola to those who didn’t showed a huge (excuse the pun) difference.

So next time you see your husband, boyfriend or friend with a can of Coca Cola let them know about the unwanted side effects.

If this has put a smile on your face (in a funny sort of way, not because you like the side effects) please give it a share.

CLICK HERE to read what Coca Cola does to your body.

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