What Do You Think Of The Motherhood Challenge?

What do you think of the motherhood challenge…

It has made the news the last few days with some mothers calling it insensitive and smug

I’m sure you will have seen some of your friends sharing the motherhood challenge lately where mothers share a few of their favourite photos of their children. 

Is it a bit of harmless fun or do you think it is rather smug and insensitive? 

There is a divide between mothers on their opinions of the motherhood challenge. Some hate it, others are loving sharing photos of the children and are proud to.

Some users on Mums net have shared their views and they felt quite strongly about this new viral challenge. Some of the quotes from users include…

  • ”I don’t mind the charity ones but it’s these other pointless ones that turn my feed into a sea of monotony”
  • ”I wonder how mothers find the time?”
  • ”I’m far too busy bonding with my DC [dear children] over homemade crafts, trips to the beach and cuddles to do this. If you have time, you are clearly neglecting yours” – Anyone else wondering how she has time to write this? 😉
  • “As someone who wanted, but couldn’t have children, I’m finding it as bad as Mother’s Day for making me feel crap” – I really feel for this woman 

One woman who suffered from postnatal depression said she was against it because she felt as though mothers were judging others on their mothering ability. 

There have been many comedy posts from women who don’t have children ‘celebrating’ not having kids, instead choosing to pose cuddled up with a bottle of wine, their perfectly clean and tidy houses and their child-free holidays.

The obvious solution, suggest many, is to ignore, avoid or unfollow

Where do you stand on this? Did you do the motherhood challenge? 

I didn’t, not because I’m against it, I have no preference either way if I’m honest but simply because I just never got round to it.

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