What does your postcode say about you?

What does your postcode say about you?

Find out what kind of person you are predicted to be…

My local newspaper posted this last night and I gave it a try – it was fascinating – don’t take it too seriously though, especially if you get poor results as it’s just a bit of fun.

Using Census data, the Office for National Statistics looks at 60 different pieces of information about the people who live in each neighbourhood to put each area into one of 76 groupings that best describe the area.

Some of the things taken into consideration are age, ethnicity, the type of home people live in, education and employment – all to find the areas where you are more likely to find young families living in terraces, or tech workers, or retired people in semi-detached homes.

Some of my results included;

What does your postcode say about you?

  • Marital status – More likely to be married and less likely to be separated/divorced.
  • Housing – More likely to be living in detached or semi-detached homes or possibly flats and to own, although some privately rent. More likely to be overcrowded.

Using the interactive tool, you can find out what kind of area you live in – do you agree with your results?

Click here to take the test – let me know how you get on…

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