Did you get a good sleep last night or was your partner hogging all the space? Perhaps you were cuddled up together or maybe you were as far away from each other as possible. Your sleeping positions can say a lot about your relationship, according to experts, and they could give away how you feel about each other. So what does your sleep behaviour say about your relationship? Let’s find out, shall we…

Back to back and no touching

Do you keep to your side of the bed and avoid touching your partner as you snooze? Not very intimate, is it? Don’t panic, this position is a good sign for your relationship and it’s also very common too. It shows couples are “connected and secure in themselves”, according to psychologist Corrine Sweet. Take into consideration the fact that it means there’s “closeness and independence in the relationship” and you can breathe a sigh of relief. Whew!

Back to back and touching

If you’re sleeping in this position, you’ll be getting your intimacy fix without having to face your partner – perfect if you’re not keen on them breathing on you through the night. It also means you’re a confident couple, relaxed in each other’s company.

Face to face but not touching

Chatting to your partner before you both drift off will probably lead to you sleeping in this position. It shows communication is important and you love to connect with each other. 

The tangle

Do you both sleep in a tangled mess – fingers entwined, legs overlapping, arms locked in, heads touching? You’re likely at the start of your relationship and enjoying every second of intimacy. You both may feel like you’re incomplete without each other, however, according to psychologist Elizabeth Flynn Campbell, you might be “too dependent on each other to sleep apart”.

The unravelling knot

Perhaps a natural progression from the previous sleeping position – finding yourself tangled among one another’s limbs in a passionate embrace before releasing each other and sleeping in your own space. No, it doesn’t mean the end of the good times. You’re getting the best of both worlds – intimacy and a sense of independence. Your relationship is maturing and is stronger for it.


A classic sleeping position for couples, if there ever was one. Lying in a close embrace, cuddled into your partner’s back or vice versa, it’s very intimate. Spooning demonstrates trust and shows the protective nature of the relationship. There won’t be many problems between you, as sex expert Tracey Cox points out: “Few couples hug or spoon during sleep if they’re sexually frustrated or resentful.”

Loose spoon

It may not be as intimate as spooning but this doesn’t point to any relationship issues. It involves lying in the spooning position albeit with one person’s hand on their partner and a bit of distance between the couple. It shows you have a balanced relationship, happy in your own space but still close to one another. There is maturity in your relationship too – things are going in the right direction.

The chase

Some people love the thrill of the chase – for them, the bedroom is no exception. While similar to spooning, it’s more akin to one person being the hunter and the other the hunted. One partner might enjoy being pursued. Or perhaps they want their own space but they can’t avoid their overbearing partner. Beware: it might be that someone isn’t as keen as the other as far as this relationship is concerned.

Cuddling in

If you sleep on your partner’s chest or vice versa, you’re in a pretty romantic position. Common among new couples – or brought into play after a bit of Netflix and chill time – it shows deep love and affection for each other. And, of course, it’s a position of protection.

Hogging the bed

Someone hogging the duvet? Or is one of you sprawled out leaving the other with a microscopic bit of bed space? Selfishness could be creeping into the relationship. Watch out if this is happening as it could lead to resentment and arguments.

Importance of a good bed

While your partner may be lovely to cuddle into – or not – one thing that is important is getting a good night’s sleep. And while your positions may vary over time, one constant for helping you drift peacefully into a delicious slumber is the comfort of your bed. Plump pillows, a cosy duvet and fresh sheets go a long way to making that happen, as does a comfortable mattress – try the latter from a brand that’s intent on helping you get the perfect night’s sleep.

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