What happens to your body after drinking Red Bull?

What happens to your body after drinking Red Bull?

We’ve all seen the shocking info graphs showing us what happens to our bodies after drinking coca cola, and then perhaps even more shocking was the DIET coke version. But now there’s yet ANOTHER infographic which has revealed exactly what happens to your body 24 hours after drinking the energy drink Red Bull.

The details, from Personalise.co.uk, show why concentration levels shoot up after one can – and why the slump of tiredness later is worse than before.


Side effects from Red Bull can include headaches irritability nd even constipation.

The researchers who made the info graph say: ‘Guidelines for caffeine are 400mg per day and so having a can of this every day shouldn’t pass this, yet the sugars and addiction that can be produced from doing this is something you should consider.’

CLICK HERE to find out what happens immediately after drinking Diet Coke.

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